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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rain Rain Go Away!


It's been raining here for 2 and a half days. For a boy and 2 dogs that is entirely too long to go without being outside. We've been letting the dogs out here and there, and yesterday Asher caught a glimpse of a fox with her dinner and ran through the field below. Lucky for all of us (and her) he didn't catch it.  He had a hoot, I had palpitations.  

The effects of the rain will be felt for a while... our fields will be a muddy, soupy mess for about 2 weeks.

This is the view coming in the road to our house: 

The other side:

This is the field that is behind our house.

Mud bath anyone? How about a nice swim?  In other news, the ducks are loving it!

And after 2 days of being in the house it was time to let the boy child and his 4 legged friends out.

Nothing like a selfie in the pouring rain... 

Here is the end result of all of us coming back in. I should probably get up and clean, but why bother? It's only going to rain for the rest of the day!

Now everyone is cozied up eating lunch and watching Rescue Bots.  What's your favorite rainy day activity? 

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