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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Chores

Spring will "officially" be here later this week and that means one thing here on the farm: chores.  But this is a good thing, we have been waiting all winter to get outside and play. Busy work around the house is also a fantastic way for our son and dogs to get out lots of energy!

During our last (and hopefully final) snowstorm one of our trees lost a few branches. The boys had to prep their chainsaws and get ready for the job.

Kooper received his chainsaw as a gift from a friend and he loves being able to be "just like daddy".

Jeff did the actual cutting of course, and our dog Asher was ready to help with the removal of any and all tree branches...  though the boys had a different idea.

Kooper was happy to assist with the branch removal with his trusted tractor.  Check out his driving and looking behind him - I'm convinced that he is a much older man in 3.5 year old form.

Next up, it was time to give the chickens fresh hay and more water. Once again, Kooper had the right equipment for the job. He piled everything in his gator and off he and the dogs went!

Always such a hard little worker. 

Then we took a minute to laugh and play with the chickens. They love the attention!

And we are finally finished for the morning... now for lunch and naps!

This weekend boys are out prepping the garden for the vegetable plants... this is a multi step process. Check back to see their progress. Yay for spring!

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