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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A look back... our house before the remodel.

Our house has changed a lot over the last few weeks, but today the most dramatic change happened. The demolition process is really underway, and our old house is to the point of barely recognizable.

I was able to help for a little while today, and it was fun to tear apart the old house, but also weird at the same time.  I was using a sledgehammer and crow bar to rip down the house that was my home for the last seven years. The kitchen that Jeff painted and put an island in, the room that we so lovingly prepared for the arrival of our son - all gone.

It's bittersweet really. Yes, it's sad to see the old house and all of our memories go - and not just ours, but the rest of the family's as well - as the house was built in 1929.  But, for as sad as it seems now, the end result is going to be awesome.

In light of the day's work of demolition, I decided it was the perfect time to show everyone our old house.

Let's start with the kitchen.  When you first walked into our house, this is what welcomed you.
Jeff painted all of the cabinets, made the range hood where the microwave is, and installed an island. I'm going to miss having all of those pictures on the fridge - our new one is stainless.

Sort of the same view, but to the immediate left upon entering. Jeff stained those doors and that's where our washer and dryer were.

     View to the right of the kitchen. This whole wall and the cabinets are gone as of today.

This was the entry way into the living room, and the door to the right is where our office and our room used to be.

The view from the very back corner of the living room looking back in toward the kitchen. Jeff painted the wood paneling in the office, but it wound up being a lot of work. So we decided not to paint the living room paneling. We didn't know at the time it would be seven years before we'd start the remodel, otherwise we might have painted it. But who knew? And good things come to those who wait!

More paneling on the other side. We also had curtains at one point, but they went to the wayside a few years ago. We've also got lots of drab colors going on. It won't be like this in the new house, trust me!

Our bathroom. Yep, it's an awful picture. Sorry about that. I took a few different ones, and this was the best. Go figure. The bathtub is directly across from the toilet. I didn't feel the need to post a pic of just the shower curtain - which was surfboards in case you were wondering. 

Kooper's room was right next to the bathroom. His room was my favorite room of the house, hands down. We converted the guest room into a nursery when he was born. The room was still shades of a nursery with a hint of a big boy room. I am really excited for him to have a brand new room in our new house and can't wait to decorate it. Can you say tractors?

 I cried when I packed it up, and that will be the only room of the house that I won't help rip apart. 

Now we can move back over the other side of the house. This was our office, the view is from our bedroom.

And last but not least, we have our room. When we were first married, this was the room I was the most excited about decorating/painting. I look back now and realize how boring it really was. Oh well.

I've already posted a lot of pics of the outside of the house, but here are a few more just to really show the difference.

I hope that you enjoyed the tour of our old house. It was definitely a cozy place, but it was time for us to make a change.

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  1. I can't wait to see your remodel girl!! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. xo ~ Megan