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Friday, October 10, 2014

We can see clearly now..

So far one of the main themes of our remodel has been change. We've made a ton of them already.  For the most part we've been able to make them and not have too much of an issue.

Up until now....

For some reason, even though we looked at the plans for literally years we didn't realize that we had an oddly shaped, strangely placed window. We realized it once it was installed and the siding had been put up.

Can you say "ooops"?

I disliked this so much, that this is the only picture that I have of it. 

From the start I didn't like the way that it looked from the outside.  Something about having one whole side of the house wide open and the other so closed off looked weird to me. I get it, sometimes to achieve a look that you want on the inside you might have to have something less than desirable on the outside.

But, it didn't look good on the inside either. It was so high up that I couldn't even see out of it. Yes, I'm short, but that doesn't change the moral of the story: we had a window that I couldn't see out of on the side of our house with the best view.

Originally this was supposed to be in our bathroom above our tub. Then we decided not to have a bathtub in our master bath.  I didn't really want the window in our shower, because of its location the vanity couldn't go there. The list of problems went on and on.

We spent a long time trying to remedy this window situation and make it work and we just couldn't do it in a way that made us happy.

So...  this is what we did:

We now have a 14 foot window in our bedroom - I can see out of it, I can see EVERYTHING!!  Plus we were able to redesign our master suite in a way that we both love.

The icing on the "happy cake" was that we didn't have to lose money on a window that we couldn't use. As it turns out, the smaller window was able to fit in the dormer - and our only cost was a new window and more labor to re-frame and re-side.

It was totally worth it in the end. This is our dream home, and that window just didn't sit well with either one of us. We kept hearing this voice that said "don't just live with it".  So what if it was my mother in law's voice - the times when you listen the most are the times when you've already thought it yourself.

I can't wait to wake up to an amazing view every-single-day...  besides, the outside of the house no longer looks weird either.

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