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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

How a Santa Statue and a Disney Cartoon Helped Save Christmas

No, really, it's true.  A wooden Santa Claus statue and a Disney cartoon called Doc McStuffins made me realize that my son really does believe in Santa.

In case you missed it, I mentioned in my post about The Elf on the Shelf that I was pretty convinced that my son didn't believe in the man in the big red suit.

My son just doesn't seem to get excited about him coming like the other kids do.  In fact, we haven't even been to sit on his lap and have his picture taken. We've asked, but he's avoided it like the plague. We still mention it, but have never used Santa as leverage for his behavior. After all, he's just a little guy, and we have to have some fun!

My husband and I went on an impromptu out of town trip last week and we ran with the opportunity to tell our son that we went to Santa's workshop. We really made it sound awesome - basically told him that Santa had a workshop for everything that we could think of on his list - which more or less consists of model sized tractors and farm equipment.  My hubby and I even went as far as to bring back an ornament for the tree as a gift for him from Santa.

Of course he wanted to know why we spoke to Santa. He even seemed to be a little put off by it. His attitude was one of why do you keep telling me about this man who clearly doesn't exist? Though every now and then he would seem genuinely intrigued about the workshop and wanted to hear more.

Up until two days ago we kept up the facade that Santa is in fact real, even if we weren't sure what our son thought. I mean, the more we play it up, the more he'll want to believe it too, right?

In this case...  right!

For the last week or so, my mother in law (who we are living with during our house remodel) has been leaving little gifts on my son's bed at night. A stuffed Santa, a Santa doorknob pull, a Gingerbread Man, candy, etc.

When I asked him who he thought was leaving these little gifts, he pointed at the Santa and said that "it had to be him".

Of course I wanted to know why he thought that. To which he quickly responded that "he must come to life at night like all of Doc McStuffin's toys do and visit my bed to bring me stuff".


A Christmas miracle for sure!  Thank you Doc McStuffins and a wooden Santa statue.  Thank you.

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