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Monday, February 2, 2015

Coloring My World...

Painting is like the job that never ends. I'm sure that Jeff will agree, but I feel like I've been seeing paint chips, paint brushes and paint rollers in my sleep.

Holy Toledo, what a job! We have spent countless hours painting our house so far. Between picking out colors, priming, ceiling painting, then putting two coats of color, it has truly been a labor of much love and a whole lot of color!!

We flirted with the idea of hiring a painter - but the cheapest price we could find for a painter was $0.70 per square foot and at 10,000 square feet of drywall, we knew that it was way out of our budget to hire a painter AND pay for paint. At this point in the game we have already spent $1800 in just the paint and supplies.

Speaking of paying for paint, we have to give a huge shout out to Sherwin Williams. Yes, their paint is expensive - but did you know that if you open a contractor's account (which they let us do because of the amount of paint we would be purchasing) that you can get a significant discount on supplies? We were able to get their best quality paint for around $32 per gallon. Which actually wound up being cheaper than the home improvement store where they wear orange aprons.

The employees at Sherwin Williams were also incredibly knowledgable. Jeff and I asked a ton of questions - and they even were helpful when it came to which colors went well together. They also gave me two different color pallets to look through, but I think that gave me entirely too many choices. They also have a pretty cool app called Color Snap where you can choose a photo from your device and then paint the picture with any of their colors. I used this feature, and it helped me rule out some choices.

Enough about Sherwin Williams and how much of a sucky job painting is - ON TO THE COLOR!!

While we started painting color, our dads chipped in and helped us paint the loft, ceilings, and the garage.

After what seemed like years of priming, we moved on to color, and the first room that we painted was the laundry room.

This is a little out of the box, but I LOVE it.  I said all along that the laundry room was going to be my fun room and these colors give it a great start.

The colors are Synergy and Mélange Green.

Then we moved on to Kooper's room. He wanted a color like a New Holland Tractor - which, for those of you that don't have children obsessed with tractors, that's a bright royal blue. Not a bad color, but not a color that I want in a bedroom. The name of the color that HE picked was Hyper Blue. I hate to judge a book by it's cover, but Mama wasn't having that.  So.. we (I) decided on a nice little color called Santorini Blue. It's perfect for him and I think that we will get some milage out of the color as well.

We decided to make Kooper's bathroom a different shade of blue and take on a more nautical theme to everything in there. His bathroom color is called Open Seas. It's very cute, and plays really well with the floor and the vanity.

Next up, was the Powder Room. That's a nice little color called Reflecting Pool.

The Loft color is Lagoon.  Originally I intended on making the loft two colors. Lagoon on three walls and Latte on the wall that went down the steps. After some thought and a few other opinions we decided to make the whole loft Lagoon.

The Mudroom is Latte. A little dark for a room that doesn't get any natural light, but I still like it. Hopefully it will be a color that camouflages a lot of dirt!

The space that isn't painted is where the shower head will be. That will be tile of some sort, but we haven't gotten there quite yet.

The Master Suite is two different colors. Three of the walls in our room are Sand Beach and the exterior wall and in to the bathroom is a color called Cloudburst.



Originally we were going to leave the spare room just primed. We went around and around about this one. In the end we decided to match it (as close as we could without pulling the stuff out) to Kooper's nursery. If we have another baby, that would be his or her room - we both loved Koop's nursery, so we figured, why not? And, if there is never another baby, at least we like the color.

The great room, hallway and entry way were challenges. You can see all three depending on where you are in the rooms, and I had cabinet and flooring colors to contend with.

I knew that I wanted Gray. Little did I know that there would be 50 shades of gray to choose from. (ha, you see what I did there?)

After testing out Sea Salt, Comfort Gray, and Oyster Bay on the walls, I decided on Comfort Gray for the Great Room and Sea Salt down the hallway.  All three are consecutive on a swatch, with Sea Salt being the lightest and Oyster Bay the darkest. I ruled out Oyster Bay because it was too dark.

Then we have the hallway - which, for after as much time and thought that we, I put into the color there really isn't a nickel's worth of difference in the two to the naked eye. Can you say frustrating?

See for yourself:

I saved the Foyer for last.. mainly because I had no idea which color to put in there. I wanted a little bit of color from the gray, but didn't want something too dark because the mudroom is off to the left.

We decided on a color called Calico. In some lights it looks dark gray, sometimes blue, which is interesting, but fun.

So, there you have it...  13 colors over 10 different spaces.  It's a lot of blue, I know.. but I think that it all flows really well and gives a nice and relaxing feel to the house and our space.

Hope that you are enjoying the colors as much as we are!

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