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Friday, May 9, 2014

The Birds are Here!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!.... nope, we're not talking about Christmas. We're talking about the day when our new chicken babies come.  There were 2 bonuses this year though: we got turkeys, AND....  the tractor showed up to start planting corn.  SUCH A FUN DAY!!

The tractor showed up the night before, but we weren't sure when it would start planting. When I picked Kooper up from school yesterday we were greeted by the tractor in the field working AND the news that our chicks were here. 

Farmerboy's grand mom got the delivery and was really excited to see the babies.  She's been a big helper with the arrival of the babies. Do you recall how I left Kooper with her when he was 6 months old to take care of the chicks? You can read that story here

This is what we saw when we opened the box:

Kooper was SO excited!!

Of course the first one he wanted to hold was a turkey.   And he wanted to carry the box over to the out building where their new home will be until it's warm enough to phase them in with the other birds. 

Here are the kids once I put them in the box with the heat lamp, waterer and feeder.  The turkeys are white - we got 12. The chickens are black - we got 6. 

The turkeys are MUCH cuter than the chickens... I don't know how farmer boy is ever going to be able to process them when it is time. I might just have to cry my eyes out. 

I left them to get adjusted (sleep) and to go out and see what the tractor was up to!

The farmer that plants the field came a little early this year. Because of the rain we've had the last few weeks, most fields were still too wet to do anything with.  

He planted field corn, which should be grown by July, but not dried out until October.  Field corn is pretty "hands off". Once he is finished planting, we won't see him again until the fall when he comes with the combine.  We don't like a lot of traffic on the farm, especially with a child and numerous dogs, so this is the perfect set up for us. 

We had a great day here at the farm! 

We're checking the chicken and turkey butts later tonight when farmer boy gets home from work - too much fun for a Friday night. 


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  2. I'm with you there - trying not to think about the end result - but what a great learning experience for Kooper!!