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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cheers to the Women "Behind the Coop"

It's Mother's Day - so it is the perfect time to acknowledge and say thanks to the women who have influenced our lives here at the coop.

Since I wouldn't be here without her, let's start with my mom - or as Kooper affectionately calls her, Grammy Pammy.

My Momma:
Mom and Kooper 
After carrying a child and giving birth, I say props to her, that's hard work!  I was born a  little early, and needed a breathing machine at home - she still talks about those early days and how nervous she was that something would go wrong.  She went back to work when I was school aged,yet drove me to school  every-single-day until I could drive myself. I was never late to school and she was never late for work. She instilled a love of sports and friendly competition  in me, teaching me to throw and catch a ball when I was about 5 years old (she's already working on Kooper). At the same time, she also made sure I wasn't too much of a tom-boy by joining me in dance.  She was always super involved in whatever I was doing - recitals, games, student council... and cheering for me all along the way.  I am a well-rounded person because of her dedication to me, and couldn't be more thankful for that. 

She's got a kind and giving heart, and is an animal lover to a fault. Every squirrel, and stray whatever she can feed and love, she does. They are like her own babies - she even brought in two cats when I was in high school and still has the one to this day. She's even been known to help out with a total stranger's bill at the grocery store.  When mom loves, she loves with everything she has - and there isn't anything better.  Mom is one of the most fun people I've ever met - always cracking a joke, or singing a song - she can most definitely cheer up a room in a hurry. 


Meeting Kooper

This is my mother in law, Kathy, or as I call her, MomaK.  Admittedly, the above picture isn't the best, and she's probably gonna kill me, but it is one of my favorites. You can just feel the love that she has for Kooper, and the relief that he had finally arrived. 

I've been lucky enough to have her in my life for 15 years, she truly has been a second mom to me.  I can talk to her (and have) about any and everything.  I've felt like her third child - she has been to just about every major event in my life since I was in high school. She took me under her wing and never looked back. We've had so many special moments that I'll never forget, but her love for me never showed more then when Kooper was born and she stayed with us all night and then showered me that morning.... or when she saw me for the first time on my wedding day. 

Kathy also lives on the farm that we live on - it belongs to her mom.  Having a nurse a few hundred yards from your house is always a good thing. There have been many times where she's come at the drop of a hat to check on us if needed.  Her work ethic is unparalleled.  She adores the place where we live and has passed that adoration to her son. 

I could go on and on about both of our moms, but I won't. The point is that they are both amazingly wonderful women who love our family unconditionally. They have both taught me so much about the woman that I am and the kind of mother I want to be.  

The Grandmoms

Sweetie Pie
My dad's mom, Sweetie Pie and Kooper 

This is my dad's mom Sweetie Pie - no, that's not really her name, but that's who she is to me. She called me that when I was Kooper's age and I called it back to her and the name stuck.  

I was lucky enough to have my grand mom teach at the elementary school that I attended- she even taught me in the 3rd grade. When I was a middle schooler, she would be known to visit the classroom, do a few ballerina twirls and leave (me embarrassed).  She was the first person I encountered that drank skim milk - gross, right?  I also vividly remember her eating a dog treat just to prove that they "weren't that bad".  We would gather at her house for holidays until we outgrew her Highlandtown row home - but the games of hide and go seek that my cousins and i would play will be a memory i always have - that and spying on our parents through the vents in her floor. 

She finally retired a few years back and is a widow now, but she still does okay for herself. She loves to travel with her friends (all of my old teachers) take care of her cats, and give her kids a hard time (ha ha). She's only a quick phone call a way for a good laugh, or a story about her father.  I wish that we weren't so bad at calling each other!

Mom- Mom

Kooper, MomaK, and Mom Mom 

This is Jeff's grandmom, or as we call her, Mom Mom.  She is the Matriarch of our farm, we live in the house right next door to her.  The house where her husband was born, and where our son is now the sixth generation to live.  Because of her, I am able to stay at home and raise our son - I could never fully express how thankful we are for that opportunity. 

Mom Mom is a toughie... she's endured a hip replacement, and has had numerous heart issues in the last few years, but still remains strong.  She has her weekly trip to Walmart and to the hair salon - to catch up on all of the gossip, and even insists on going to the mall and picking out gifts for us. She also still gardens and wouldn't miss her weekly yard sale outing with the girls.  She would deny it, but she even likes it when some of her "boyfriends" come to visit to take her out for dinner or to bring her Dunkin' Donuts coupons. 

Thank you Mom Mom, for not selling this beautiful place that we all call home and running off to the Virgin Islands! 

It wouldn't be a complete Mother's Day post without remembering two women that we miss dearly, my mom's mother, and Farmerboy's Grammy.  Both of them were able to be around for our wedding, but both missed the birth of our son.  We speak of them often and fondly, wishing that they could have had the opportunity to know and love him. We are grateful for the time that we spent with them both and for everything that they taught us.  Both of our own moms took the best care of them in their final days - totally and completely selfless.

This picture is from our wedding. My grand mom is next to me and Grammy is next to Jeff.

So today we are loving the women that we call mom and grand mom and remembering the ones that have gone before us.  Happy Mother's Day - go hug your mom and tell her that you love her. 

Me with Kooper's Grandmothers at my baby shower - missing Sweetie Pie. 

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