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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to score FREE boxes!

It's been no secret that we are putting an addition to our house. As such, at some point we are going to have to move out of our current house. This means packing.  We've never moved before. Jeff moved from his parents house to our current house - we moved some furniture and clothing on a flat wagon across the farm and he was set.  I basically only moved clothes from my parent's house, and all of our wedding gifts went right to our house.

Flash forward almost seven years...  now we have TONS of stuff (and another person and 2 dogs worth of stuff) that needs to be packed up. Kitchen gadgets, special plates and dishes, pictures, you name it.

A friend of mine told me that I can buy boxes from the U-HAUL store.  I went there and bought some. I got 15 extra large and 20 large boxes for around $42.00.  I also purchased BubbleWrap from Office Depot for $20.00 for 150 yards.  $62.00 later, I decided that there had to be a better way.  Plus, the boxes that I bought were too big for items like books.

I asked my local supermarket for egg boxes, they gave me 6. That wasn't gonna get me far. So then I was really on the hunt. Our local liquor store gave me 2. Walmart had NONE, some how their workers are so efficient that they crush all empty boxes as soon as they are finished with them.  Yeah, ok.. but I digress..

While I was at Walmart, I decided that I needed an iced coffee. When I got to DD, there was a delivery truck in the back - and then it hit me- ask them for boxes!  Well, I hit pay dirt. Not only did I get a  bunch that same day, but the manager saved me some for this morning as well.   Cha ching!! That was all I needed to be inspired to go to all of the local neighborhood stores and ask for boxes. I more or less hate asking for anything, so it pained me a little, but it got easier as we went along.

Kooper had a fit at the place with the golden arches for two reasons. 1: I wouldn't buy him french fries, and 2:, they told me that there were "tons by the dumpster". Kooper immediately started ranting about how the dumpster is dirty and we can't dig in garbage and yaddda yadda, yadda. He's 3, mind you.   As it turns out, there were no boxes by the dumpster.

I was also able to score a bunch of free newspapers at Royal Farms. I was told to take "anything without a barcode", and believe me, I did.

So, when in search of boxes, I went thinking big - grocery stores, and Walmart, which were also a bit inconvenient, especially with a child in tow. And neither one of which was too helpful. When I decided to think smaller scale and hit the local stores that were right by our house and because I frequent their businesses, they were happy to help and to also tell me when to come back if we need more.

I will give Walmart credit though, they wound up being $3 cheaper on the bubble wrap.

Happy box hunting if you're ever in need! Now, back to packing... and watching our walls being built!

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