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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 2 Progress

The end of our second week of construction is a wrap, and we are so pleased with the progress. The crew that we hired to get our house framed and under roof worked only 4 days this week and it is insane how quickly the house is coming together.

The trusses for the roof are going to be delivered sometime over the weekend and the work will continue on Monday. We are busy packing and prepping to be displaced for a period of time. Packing is awful and it has been a slow process so far. Though, thanks to my favorite mother in law, we have more of a jump on it than we did a few days ago. 

Here goes week 2 in pics! There are a lot of them, sorry about that, but it truly speaks to all of the progress that was made this week.

This is the steel beam that supports the new part of the house as well as the support for the subfloor. The guys had these all of the way down and ready to connect the other side when they realized that the wrong size was placed on the plans, which meant that the wrong size was ordered. They had to remove them, return them and wait for the correct sizing.  

In spite of the set back, they were still able to get the sub floor in and the first of the wall frames up the very next day. 

Jeff got home early enough one day that he was able to literally be hands on in helping raise the garage wall. 

Kooper and I stayed in bed a little late on Thursday morning, and when I looked out, this is what we saw.  The middle is going to be an 18ft bay window with doors on both sides.  This "little" nook is where I want to place our kitchen table. That's our dog Asher checking out the new view. 

This is the inside of the garage from my pantry. Once the wall goes up, I won't be able to see it, but thought it was a cool view for the time being.

Here's the kitchen wall. We're not 100% on kitchen design yet, but there will also be a mud room in this space. Our garage will lead into the mud room, which will lead into the kitchen. I'm standing about where the kitchen island will be. The space above it is loft space. This will be our office/play area/tv room.

  The back wall of the loft. The middle window is going to be a 6.5ft half circle.  Yes.. we know about the tree and are trying to find a solution that meets everyone's needs. Jeff's grandmother gave that tree to her mother in law when she was first married. So even though the obvious choice is to remove it, after knowing the origin it becomes a little muddled.

While we're up in the loft...  let's take in a somewhat panoramic view without the roof and walls..

Here's the side of the garage. 

And here's our current roof view from the loft.  It's down to drywall in preparation for tying in the roof.  We had a quick storm the other morning and somehow stayed dry. We also have a very cool green tint to our bedroom now. The window on the far side of the picture is our current bedroom. 

As I said before, there was a ton of progress made in week 2.  Week 3 promises a new roof and us to be out of our current space and in with my inlaws. 

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