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Friday, August 8, 2014

Under Construction: Week 3

This week in pictures will be short and sweet, even though there was a lot of progress made.  For the most part, the pictures were the same all week. There was a lot of work done to the roof.

This included finishing up the trusses. Our roof design is super complicated because of tying the old house in with the addition.

Like the random dragonfly in the pic? How about my sidekick Asher?

After the trusses were completed, the crew had to put up the new sheathing. Then they could begin the process of stripping the shingles off of the old roof and fixing whatever needed to be fixed underneath to make sure everything was weather tight.

This is the house with no shingles. Our house has already been added to. If you look between the four windows on the side, where the chimney is, is where the old house used to be.  We decided to keep the dormer, as it was original to the house, and adds a little architectural appeal.

Week 3 was also our last week that we spent in the house as we know it. We spent the week packing and storing things to get ready for our move in with Jeff's parents.

This is Jeff cooking our last meal in the house before all of the plates, and cooking utensils got packed away.

Stay tuned for Week 4 - which means a completed roof and hopefully a garage floor.

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