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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Mama said there'd be days like this.."

I'm finding that in life, most great things take a while to accomplish and don't come without some sort of hiccup.

Well, we had our hiccup today folks. A few of them, actually. 

Just as I was getting used to what the sound of men working on your roofs sounds like (lots of thuds, in case you were wondering), I hear a crash. I was in our living room and heard lots of stuff crashing down somewhere. That somewhere turned out to be our kitchen table. 

See Exhibit 1:

One of the guys working on our roof took a wrong step and his lower half came crashing through. My immediate reaction wasn't to see if he was alright, or to even get the dog away from him. (story later) It was the lamp. You see, this lamp doesn't actually belong to us, it has been on loan from my in laws and is sort of a family heirloom. Many a Kammann have banged their noggins on this table, and because of my quick actions, hopefully the tradition will continue. 

So, back to the dog. Asher can smell fear, and the guy that fell through is afraid of dogs. Every time Asher goes out, he is on the hunt for this guy. Then, lo and behold, he was in Asher's house and unable to defend himself. Let's just say that if the kitchen table wasn't there, this guy would have been  an Asher snack for sure. Even the up until now straight and focused Amish guys got a good old fashioned belly laugh out of the situation. 

Shortly after this incident I was informed that the light wouldn't be much use to us anyway because the power had to be cut off in certain places because of electrical lines running in our current roof- surprise! 

This involved taking down two fans and now we no longer have power in our bedroom and part of our kitchen. Oh well, we can rough it for a few days. Nothing like camping in our own house. Thankfully the weather is fantastic and we are able to have the windows open - because with all of the holes in our ceiling, we'd be cooling the great outdoors.  

The entire time the crew was working today, I kept hearing cracking. I kept looking at our kitchen ceiling to see what was cracking, and couldn't see anything. I even looked at the top of our cabinets to see what was up - nothing.

Then, I walked into our bedroom - mystery solved! Bingo, I found the crack. Please tell me what I've won... 

...oh wait, a free view of the sky from my bed? Awesome! I turned around to find this:

Which, I think that there is something a bit awesome about the placement of the cross, and the light, but perhaps that's just too much Catholic schooling?

About this time, I decided it was time to pack up some things on our dresser and get myself, Kooper and the dogs out of dodge for a while.  A little while later, I came up to check on some things and what did I see?

You guessed it, another hole!

This was sort of the icing on the cake, and we can currently see the stars. Which, is perfect for camping. Ha ha..

Seriously, everything is technically "under roof" at this point, but there is a little piece of sky hanging out of this hole. I think we will be ok, I'm not going to freak out about it....

Even if our current roof looks like this:

All things considered it could be a lot worse. Frankly, I'm not shocked that someone came down through the roof, what shocks me is that it took this long to happen. I'm not too upset about all of the damage either. The entire house is set to be gutted and redone, as well as the entire roof.  

So what, we had one broken candle and a lot of dust. It's all minor in the grand scheme. No one got hurt, my family is safe, AND we are getting a whole new house! I hope to look back on this day and laugh. 

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