Barn Love

Sunday, September 7, 2014

We've got windows.. and siding!

Sorry that it's been so long since my last post.  Things have been busy, but we're moving right a long with the renovation. A lot of work has been done, even if it doesn't look like it. The first few weeks many obvious changes were made, but that's slowed down a bit.

The demolition process was neat for us, but would probably be a little boring if you didn't have an appreciation for the old house. It was also pretty time consuming. It took a total of about 2-3 weeks of just my father in law working on it and moving the trash from the house to the dumpster. Jeff and I were able to help a little, but in the grand scheme our help was minimal.

The house needed to be gutted before the windows could go in, and the windows have to be installed before the siding can go on.

One of the biggest parts of the demolition was removing the old siding from the house. There were cedar shake shingles under the old siding - who knew? This was a very tedious process to say the least.

Another gem that we found was this cool wallpaper.  Jeff's mom and aunt remember this from the house when they were growing up.

While my father in law was finishing up demolition, our work crew was able to start the windows.  This is the view from the marsh/river side of our house.

The french doors have also been installed.  Here is the view from the inside.  I am in total love. And, as if we don't have enough windows already, there is a trapezoid shaped window going in over top of the doors and windows.

We spent a lot of money on windows, but saved money on siding.  Ha ha ha..

This is the view of the picture window and the doors. As well as a good shot of our siding. The "official" color is called Mist. In this picture it looks off white, in some lights it looks grey, in others the reflection of the grass makes it seem green. I like that it can't quite make up its mind. We almost picked an olive green - and I'm very happy that we didn't.

I also like that we chose to do the additional white trim around the windows and doors. It gives it just a little bit more.

Here's another view of the siding. This time the front of the house. See how it looks more grayish in this light?

We also now have steps! This is a huge deal because now we can access the loft space without climbing a ladder.  For some, that's not a big deal. For me, it was huge...  I really really don't like ladders, or heights.

Asher was also very happy about the steps. Now he can join us upstairs instead of barking incessantly until we come back down.

What's on tap for the future? Well, now that the house is wide open we are designing and redesigning our floor plan.   Our architect more or less made a footprint of our house to give to the county for a permit. He did minimal interior design (which was fine), so now we are able to figure out how we want the rest of our space to look.

We're also working on a kitchen design and the HVAC work is set to begin next week.


  1. It really looks like this project is coming along nicely. I personally think that being able to have a great way to know how to do this kind of renovations can be a huge money saver. Something that really stood out was that the siding was something that needed to most know how to be able to get it taken care of. Hopefully this will be a great looking home once it is all done. Thank you for sharing.

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